About Us


TOOLHIT is a family owned business that has been around since 1979. We are new to e-commerce but we are founded on stocking high performance cutting tools for all machining applications. It is our goal to provide you with faster service, better technical expertise and high performance cutting tools at a great price point that is our best price on the front end (no need to wait for discounts to order).

Performance Guarantee

We believe in supplying only top quality cutting tools and we guarantee performance on all our tooling. We know there are so many factors in getting the most out of cutting tools (Correct Grade for Material, Depth of Cut, Speed, Feed Rate, etc) so we try to provide as much technical information as possible on our site to get the most out of each of the tools on our site. If you have any technical questions or need technical help Contact Us anytime and we will recommend the correct tooling for your application or troubleshoot any issues.

Support and Technical Knowledge

We understand every job and application is time sensitive, so all orders and quotes are processed as soon as we receive them. Most of our employees have shop experience and are trained to help you technically. If you have any technical questions regarding tooling or need help with a difficult job, then feel free to call or e-mail us anytime and we will get you answers right away. We believe it is important to have the quickest response time in the industry.


Send us a print of a part you need to produce and our engineers will recommend turnkey tooling for the job at a special package discount.


It is our goal to help our customers achieve success by providing quality tooling that is competitively priced within a timely basis. Recently, we have seen the industry change to a market in which turnaround time is imperative to our customers’ success. To help our customers turnaround jobs faster, we have made it our focus to keep the tooling they need on our shelf locally. Our inventory is continually growing based upon the market and the needs of our customers.

Here is a listing of the tooling we have focused our efforts on stocking:

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