HIT Recommended: Milling Holders

End Mill Holder:

An End Mill Holder is an economical choice when roughing with an End Mill. The set screw on the End Mill Holder gives you high holding power but it also naturally adds runout to the tool which will effect tool life and tolerances. If your tolerances are not tight then this is the Holder to go with. But if you are running high efficiency milling then this is the way to go. Click Here to shop our selection of End Mill Holders.

Milling Chuck:

A Milling Chuck will give you the holding power of an End Mill Holder with the runout of a Collet Chuck. The strong holding power with the .0002" runout at 4" out makes a Milling Chuck one of the top options for roughing and finishing applications for 1/2" Diameter to 1" Diameter Tools. Milling Chucks are on size to hold 3/4" or 1" Diameter Tools and offer the strongest holding power on size. You can also use collets with it but you do lose holding power with collets, especially when you get under 1/2" in our experience. In that case either a VX Chuck or a Hydraulic Chuck is the way to go for tools 1/8" to 7/16".

Click Here to shop our selection of Milling Chucks. 

Hydraulic Chuck:

A Hydraulic Chuck will give you the best runout at .0001” TIR and will give you greater holding power than a ER Collet but not as great of holding power as a Milling Chuck without a collet (it is similar in holding power to a Milling Chuck with a Collet).  Plus you can get a slim nose on a Hydraulic Chuck.  We recommend the YG Power Hydro Chucks and the YG Slim Nose Hydraulic Chucks for holders ½” and under in ID. Click Here to shop our selection of Hydraulic Chucks,