HIT Recommended: Reamers

Best Carbide Reamers:

The YG Carbide Reamers have held size extremely well for us in tight tolerance reaming applications and they are our first choice when reaming holes under 3/8” Diameter as long is the blank length is long enough for your application (a HSS Reamer is longer than a Carbide Reamer at the same Diameter).  They not only work excellent but they are priced right!  The YG Carbide Reamers are all Minus Tolerance, here is a quick breakdown:

  • Up to ¼” Diameter: +0/-.0002”
  • Over ¼” Diameter: +0/-.0003”

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Best HSS Reamers:

The YG HSS Reamer will also hold Diameter well and will give you the longer blank length and more economical price compared to a Carbide Reamer.  The YG Reamers are all Plus Tolerance, here is a quick breakdown:

  • Up to ½” Diameter: +.0002”/-0
  • Over ½” to 5/8” Diameter: +.0003”/-0
  • Over 5/8” to 1” Diameter: +.0004”/-.000

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