HIT Recommended: Indexable Drilling

Indexable Drilling Tools:

Here are some of our recommended products for common indexable drilling applications.

Best 2 Insert Indexable Drill:

The Magic Drill DRZ line available from Kyocera is one of the most versatile and economical indexable drills on the market. These drills are offered in cutting diameters from as small as .562" up to 2", with depth of cuts available in 2xD, 3xD, 4xD and 5xD. This series uses the same insert for Inboard and Outboard with 4 cutting edges per insert making it very economical. The notched inserts on the indexable drill keep the drill true and centered (even on round and angled surfaces) while breaking chips to give a true bore. The drills are coolant thru, so there is no need to peck at the cut and you can also bore with the outboard insert on a lathe. We recommend using these in 5/8" diameter and above since the inserts are thicker and provide a longer insert life. The Magic Drill is also available in metric sizes with an inch shank to give the most drilling options! To shop our available stock of Magic Drills, click here.

Best Replacement Tip Drill:

The Kyocera DRA Replaceable Tip Drill is available from .313" to 1.299" diameter in a wide variety of lengths at 1.5xD, 3xD, 5xD, 8xD and 12xD.The drill will hold .001"-.002" size on diameter at 5xD and is a huge cycle time reducer over Cobalt drilling. There is no need to peck and it can be ran at 400 SFM in Steels and 200 SFM in Stainless. The inserts have a strong core diameter with an S curve on the cutting edge making it free cutting which also helps improve chip evacuation. The insert is mounted via a set screw on the side, which we have found to be the most rigid setup for a replaceable tip drill whereas the CAM lock tip drills wear out much quicker. The DRA offers Standard Drill Point, Flat Bottom and Double margin Drill Points to optimize to your application! To shop our available stock of DRA Drills, click here.

Most Economical Indexable Drill:


The YG Spade Drill System is available from 3/8" to 4.500" diameter which gives you the ability to drill out larger diameters at an economical price. Our first choice of inserts on the drill is the T15 Powdered Metal Hardslick Coated Spade Drill for most applications with the SM Point TIALN Coated Inserts being the best choice for Stainless and Exotic materials as well as deep hole applications as the thinner web will reduce the tool pressure and provide better chip control. You can run a Carbide Spade Drill Insert to increase your SFM and lower cycle time as long as you are using the short, intermediate or standard length holder. If you are using a longer body drill then you will need the forgiveness of the T15. They do offer Flat Bottom Spade Drill Inserts that are intended to be a Core Drill but can be used at 2xD if drilling from solid. The Spade Drill will not give a good finish or hold a tight tolerance but is a great economical coolant thru indexable drill that will cut time over HSS/Cobalt and is great for roughing out bores. To shop our selection of YG Spade Drills, click here.

Best Drill for Larger Holes:


Kyocera Holeshot Drill offers Insert Drills from as small as .688" to 4" We suggest using these drills from 2" to 4". This will allow you to drill larger holes at 2xD and 3xD. The drill has a swept back design at the point to ensure chip evacuation and will allow for the holes to be drilled quicker than a spade drill with better accuracy. To shop our selection of Holeshot Drills, click here.