HIT Recommended: Indexable Milling Cutters

Indexable milling cutters are great for cutting larger areas as well as being more forgiving to the manufactured part. We have a variety of milling tools we would recommend for many different applications.

Best Milling Cutter for 45° Facing Steels and Cast Iron:


The Kyocera MFPN Face Mill is a beast of a cutter! The cutter runs a negative with positive top rake that also has a wiper flat that allows it to be fed faster at a rate of .004" to .016" CLPT. With the PR1535 Grade (330-660 for stainless) and PR1525 Grade (400-820 SFM in steels) will allow you to run at a higher SFM at the high CLPT and still get excellent insert life. The inserts have 10 cutting edges per insert making it very economical, and Kyocera offers a wiper insert that fits into the body. We have seen the wiper give consistent 6 Ra finishes in steel applications! To shop our selection of MFPN Face Mills, click here.

Milling Cutter for 45° Facing in Aluminum:


The Korloy Future Mill is a 45° Face Mill with inserts for Steel/Stainless as well as Aluminum. The Aluminum SEET14MAGFN-MA H01 Inserts are high positive with a polished edge giving the best finishes in aluminum facing applications.  This cutter is Coolant Thru and will also work great in steels and stainless making it very versatile. To shop our available Future Mills, click here.

90°Square Shoulder Face Mill for Steel/Stainless/Exotic Metals:MFWN

The Kyocera M-Six (MFWN) Cutter is our go to 90° Square Shoulder Face Mill. The insert has 6 cutting edges making it economical but the thickness and positive top rake of the inserts that makes the difference. The thicker inserts hold up better in steel, stainless & exotic applications and the positive top rake leads into the cut like an end mill to reduce cutting force and give better insert life. Available from 2” to 10” Diameter, you can run this cutter at .002”-.012” CLPT at 390-820 SFM in steels & 330-660 SFM in stainless. In addition, you can plunge mill with this cutter to cut cycle time!  They also carry inserts for aluminum that fit this cutter. To shop our selection of Kyocera MFWN cutters, click here.

90° Square Shoulder Face Mill/End Mill for Aluminum:


The Korloy Pro-X Mill will cut cycle time in any aluminum roughing applications and will also give great finishes. The Inserts are 19mm (.748”) in height and have an extremely sharp cutting edge to give you great finishes and evacuate the chips. The Pro-X Mill is designed with clearance to ramp at higher angles than most cutters (you can ramp at a 11.9° Angle with the 1” Diameter Cutter) to cut cycle time and you can run this at 800-3,960 SFM & .006”-.012” CLPT in Aluminum Applications! The Pro-X Mill is the best aluminum indexable face mill on the market! To shop our available Pro-X Mills, click here.

90° Square Shoulder Indexable End Mill for Job Shops:


The Korloy Alpha Mill uses an APKT11T3 or APKT1604 insert that will allow you to face, slot, ramp and interpolate all with one cutter with inserts available for steel, stainless, hardened steel, exotics as well as aluminum and plastics, giving you the most versatility in 1 cutter. The Alpha Mill will produce excellent sidewall finishes! To shop our selection of Alpha Mills, click here.

High Feed Indexable Mill:


The Kyocera MFH Raptor Mini High Feed Indexable End Mill will cut cycle time in any application where you are ramping or interpolating deep into a pocket or facing a large part. This cutter takes a light depth of cut (.010”-.040” DOC range) at a high feed rate (.010”-.040” CLPT) to cut cycle time (in 4140 we run a ¾” 3 flute cutter at .020” DOC @ 158 IPM full slotting). It uses the radius of the insert to cut which gives excellent insert life as the radius is the strongest part of the insert with 4 cutting edges on an insert making it economical.  The Raptor Mini is our go to high feed mill at 5/8” and up to 2” diameter. To shop our available MFH Raptor End Mills, click here.