Running the tooling at the correct parameters is key in machining, so we want to provide up to date speeds/feeds to run our tools at for every application.  Below are links to parameters for our top products.  If you don't see the product or material in the link below or need help Troubleshooting then Contact Us and we will get you a Response ASAP to help you thru the Job:

Carmex Laydown Threading Parameters

Carmex Thread Milling Parameters

Internal Tool Parameters-Boring Tools, Grooving Tools, Key Cutters, Threading Tools, Face Grooving Tools, End Mills

Korloy Milling Parameters

Korloy Turning Parameters

Kyocera Indexable Cutoff Parameters

Kyocera Indexable Drilling Parameters-Magic Drill, Holeshot Drill, Core Drill, Stinger Drill

Kyocera Indexable Grooving Parameters

Kyocera Indexable Milling Parameters- MFOUR, MSIX, MEC, MECX, MSR, MECH

Kyocera Indexable Milling Parameters-MFPN

Kyocera Indexable Turning Parameters-Negative Inserts

Kyocera Indexable Turning Parameters-Positive Inserts

Kyocera Indexable Turning Parameters-CBN & PCD

Kyocera Micro Tool Parameters-Micro Drills, Micro End Mills & Micro Reamers

Kyocera Solid Carbide Slitting Saw Parameters

Laydown Threading Number of Passes

Laydown Threading Parameters

Monster End Mill Parameters

Tap Parameters

YG Carbide Drill Parameters-Dream Drills, Deep Hole Drills, Micro Drills

YG HSS/Cobalt Drill Parameters-Jobber, Screw Machine, Powdered Metal, Aircraft Extension, Silver & Demming, Spot & Center Drills

YG Indexable Drill Parameters- I-Dream Drills, Spade Drills



Common Milling Calculations
Thin Wall Milling
Angle of Engagement and Chip Thinning
Types of Tool Entry
Corner Engagement
Deep Pocket Milling

Tap Drill Sizes-Cut & Form Taps


Kyocera Chipbreaker Selection
Kyocera Insert Grades
Korloy Chipbreaker Selection
Korloy Insert Grades