Below are End Mill Holders, ER Collet Chucks, Shell Mill Holders, Milling Chucks, Rigid Tap Holders, Hydraulic Holders, Shrink Fit Holders, and other High Performance Holders.

For Drilling or Reaming we recommend ER Collet Chucks as the first choice for most applications or the MX/VX High Performance Holders for Tight Tolerance Applications (the 8° Taper will give you .0001" TIR or Runout at 4X).

For Milling Applications we recommend End Mill Holders as an economical option due to the high holding power of the set screw design.  For Tight Tolerance Applications we recommend Milling Chucks for Tools 1/2" and up and Hydraulic Holders for Tools under 1/2". Shrink Fit is also a great option if you have the equipment.

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